What is the best bed for someone who sleeps on their back?

Mattress choice is an important consideration for back sleepers. The ideal mattress for these sleepers will provide even, consistent support that will conform without excessive sagging. Back sleepers should also look at mattress firmness; the optimal firmness for average-weight back sleepers fall between ‘Medium’ and ‘Medium Firm.’ Lighter individuals often prefer softer surfaces, while heavier individuals tend to feel most comfortable on firmer surfaces.

What is the best mattress for side sleepers?

A medium, or medium soft mattress, is recommended as they allow plenty of give to contour to your body’s natural curve and keep the spine aligned while providing maximum comfort. Due to your vulnerable pressure points, side sleepers are best suited to softer mattresses that give you more cushioning and allow your body to sink slightly into the mattress.

What is the best bed if your partner tosses and turns all night?

If you want minimal to zero motion transfer, you should try memory foam mattresses because they tend to absorb movements and limit motion transfer so you won’t be disturbed even if your partner tosses and turns in bed.

While mattresses with better motion isolation can be less responsive than their counterparts, you get the advantage of getting a good night’s sleep because they minimize motion transfer.

What if my partner and I don’t have the same bed preference?

You can customize your side of the bed by getting a mattress pad just for your side. Also, some of the newer beds are constructed in a way that dampens any movements of your partner so that he or she doesn’t wake you by tossing and turning or getting out of bed. You may also consider getting two twins, pushing them together, and connecting them with a pad that rests along the junction of the two. 

What is the best bed for someone who prefers a firmer mattress?

Innerspring mattresses are great for people who want that extra bit of support. Bouncy and responsive, innerspring mattresses were the first modern mattress ever created. They’re usually a firmer mattress than hybrid or memory foam mattresses, and they’re composed of innerspring or encased coils that offer extra-firm, extra-responsive support to help with spinal alignment (and back pain).

I sleep hot at night; which bed would suit me?

 Latex is generally very durable; it is also not known to conduct heat. This means, regardless of the temperature of the room, you can generally expect this material to feel the same. Furthermore, since they often contain holes and other forms of aeration, they are known to be breathable.

What is the best mattress for pregnant ladies?

Memory foam layers or a combination of latex and memory foam can provide that soft and comfortable surface essential for a good night’s sleep. Innerspring mattresses or models with pocketed coils may be a good choice as well for the support they give, but sometimes they may not be so comfortable. Gel foams or similar cooling technologies will help you cool down and get a better sleep even in a hot weather. A medium firm mattress will have just the right firmness level to provide both comfort and support needed for an expectant mom.