Hygiene tips: Here’s how often you should be washing your bedding and towels

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HYGIENE TIPS throughout the pandemic aren’t limited to washing your hands, you need to wash your bedding, towels and pillows more frequently.

Hygiene has never been more important, and now more than ever we are reminded on a daily basis that the responsibility lies with us to wash our hands thoroughly with soap or use antibacterial gel regularly. But what about the bedding we sleep in every night, and the towels we use to dry ourselves with?

There is plenty of confusion about how often towels and bedding should be washed.

One in 20 people wash their bedding once a month, and a third of people clean them every fortnight. But is this right?

Should it be every week or every month? And what about during the pandemic?

Is there a certain length of recommended time to wait between washes and how often should key items be replaced?

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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Bed for Your Toddler

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Considering the fact that the toddler will use the bed daily for around 2-3 years in a row, and that this is the place where he will be left unattended, parents should be well in order to be able to choose the best toddler bed. Whether it’s the first twin bed for toddler, or a toddler car bed for boys, there are some general aspects every parent should be aware of, and also a couple of particularities that make for a perfect choice. But the most important criteria, before going into any specifics, is the fact that you do not have to limit yourself to buying something cheap, or of poor quality: the safety of your toddler is the most important there is, and should always come first!

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Don’t Let Allergens Interfere With Your Sleep

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If you’re like most people, your bedroom likely harbors a wide array of allergens. Don’t worry; it’s not anything you’re doing wrong; our homes are full of dust, dander, and other irritants.

But allergens can have a serious impact on your health, and in the bedroom, they can make it nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. A lack of sleep is also bad for your health, so how can you knock out those sleep-disrupting allergens?

Take steps to make your bedroom more eco-friendly. Knock out allergens, sleep more easily, and start feeling better. These three simple steps will ease your allergen burden, no chemicals or complicated equipment needed.

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Coronavirus: Improve your immunity by sleeping better with these 7 tips

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Oh, eight hours of snoozing. If only we could master it, we’d be healthier, happier, calmer and sharper and our immunity would be stronger, especially during these trying COVID-19 times.

The National Sleep Foundation claims that it should take between 10 and 20 minutes for an average person to fall asleep. Your daily routine affects how well you sleep. If you go to bed around the same time every night, your body will thank you by being more consistent with your nightly snoozes. Some people are lucky enough to fall asleep the second their head hits the pillow, while others need hours to nod off.

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How Does Working From Home Affect Your Sleep Pattern?

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If you’re not used to working from home, you may feel like everything’s upside down right now. Maintaining a daily schedule and routine can be all the more difficult when you have nowhere to go, and no separation between work and rest. But how does working from home affect your sleep pattern really? Well, in plenty of ways. Here’s exactly what to keep an eye on, and how to keep things on track.

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4 Tips for a good night’s sleep

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Insomniacs and others who have trouble sleeping need to create a comfortable and cosy environment so that they can rest easy, and get uninterrupted sleep. A good night’s sleep can do wonder’s for your skin and overall health.

Here are a few tips that can help you sleep well.

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How To Clean Your Mattress (And Why You Really, Really Need To)

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There are few things sweeter in life than cuddling up in your bed, cocooned in freshly washed sheets and blankets (ah, that scent!) for a solid night of shuteye or Netflixing. But—sorry to be the bearer of horribly bad news—even if you JUST pulled your bedding out of the dryer, you’re still getting cozy with all kinds of bacteria and microbes. That’s because you really need to clean your mattress.

You see, while you’re catching those much needed Zs, your mattress has slowly and steadily been absorbing oil and sweat and collecting literally thousands upon thousands of dust mites. (All together now: Ughhhhh.)

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Do You Wake Up With Neck Pain? You May Be Using The Wrong Pillow!

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Neck pain: The kind of pillow you use influences how much neck pain or back pain you experience in a day. Neck pain induced by sleep can be because of using the wrong pillow. Sleeping on a wrong pillow can leave you with neck and back pain for weeks. Also, improper sleeping position could contribute to both back pain and neck pain. If you experience pain in your neck regularly and/or wake up tired in the morning, it could be because of disturbed sleep caused by using the wrong kind of pillow.

The right kind of pillow is one which supports both your back and neck during sleep. A pillow that is too hard or too tall or even too soft can put your neck in an odd position and cause back and neck pain. Ideally, your pillow should be such that it keeps your head slightly elevated and supports neck, back, head and shoulders as per your sleeping position.

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What is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

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There are various types of sleeping position and the most common positions are sleeping on a particular side. According to the doctors and experts, it is always better to nap on a particular posture, especially on the left. Pregnant lady is always recommended to nap on left since when they sleep on the left their shoulder, spine, and pelvis generally align properly.

Sleeping on a particular position helps people to minimize the pressure point and if you choose a good mattress then you will never face any kind of problem in your neck, lower back and other sensitive parts of your body. Slumbering on a definite posture also have much better airway circulation and is always a good option for the people who snorers in sleep.

Thus the persons who nap on a particular position remain healthier as compared to those who do not nap on any particular side. However the quality of the mattress will also matter a lot in keeping your health and providing you a sound snooze.

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It’s All In The Mattress; How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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During the day, the human spine is under a lot of stress, therefore a full night rest and relaxation of tired back muscles are extremely important for health and well-being in the morning. High-quality anatomical mattresses made of modern materials perfectly cope with these tasks, but only if you have chosen a model with a rigidity that is perfect for you.

It’s not a problem to buy an orthopedic mattress nowadays. It is not that easy to choose it correctly, to understand the main criteria, as well as select materials. First of all, you should pay attention to the stiffness of the product. It depends on the filler, the presence or absence of the spring unit. Latex is the softest material, while coconut coir is the hardest one. Springs make the mattress resilient. Accordingly, spring models are not very rigid.

The rigidity of the mattress is selected individually, taking your age, physique, lifestyle, spine problems into account. And only having decided on these parameters, it’s time to start searching for a specific model which puffy mattress reviews will help you with.

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